Campus Radio Track 2

All about college fun, college talks, college controversies and yes even that college love. It will all be here on FireMud FM’s Campus Radio Season 2.

From FireMud Campus Rjs

It’s been almost a decade since I last tuned into a radio show and I’m glad I did. Great show! Finally found an RJ whom I actually like after so long and the songs are littttt

Wooooooow … amazing thought … really i too think the same way…… that looks give u temperary satisfication but ur nature leads in long-lasting satisfication and relationships🙂 #i like ur tought RJ Ayushi

Very nice voice…rj Himanshu…all the very best for your future 😊bht acha show tha…spelling chat was fab…and voice modulation from pappu to rj Himanshu was superb….waiting for next show😍all the best 😘😘

I always listen to your show….your voice is so cute it makes me always happy☺ and relaxed…and the other thing you are one of my “favourite RJ”🥰
Waiting for another show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it up😘💖

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